Top Twenty New Michael Phelps Endorsements/Affiliations

Previously Featured on the Huffington Post


1. High Times Magazine
2. Tommy Chong Bongs
3. Visine Eye Drops
4. Domino’s Pizza
5. Zig Zag Rolling Papers
6. Leaves Project Believe (Run by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency). Joins Project Inhale (Run by Woody Harrelson from his battered barcalounger in his secret basement Panic Room)
7. Formula 50 Vitamin Water
8. White Castle
9. Happy Howie’s Hemp Swimming Caps
10. Philly Blunt Cigars
11. New Harold and Kumar Go for the Gold…Coast Hydro movie cameo (Working Title)
12. Sandmaster Hacky Sacks
13. Puts out aquatic jam album collaboration with Phish and the String Cheese Incident
14. Roc-A-Wear
15. Loses Wheaties–Breakfast of Champions. Gains Munchies–Mid-afternoon Snack of Late Waking Unemployed Nintendo WII Champions
16. Pollyanna’s Patchouli Oil
17. Ends his relationship with MADD> (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Starts relationship with MILFS for Mary Jane
18. Spencer’s Gifts
19. New Ben and Jerry’s Flavor: Golden Medal Haze (contains vanilla ice cream with cookie dough, salt and vinegar potato chips, peanut butter, Mallomars, beef empanada, Swedish Fish, falafel, Nutella and bacon)
20. Magic: The Gathering


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